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ReCAP of "I Can't Live Without My Radio"

Man I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY RADIO.  I need my music because it fuels my soul.  Whether it's your headphones ringing in your ears, or your old school jvc vibrating the concrete and blasting out all the elements of your music, YOU'LL ROCK with the vibes.

ReCAP of "It Was Written"

THE MESSAGE is there if you look hard enough.  It's right there buried in your STREET DREAMS.  Listen to his voice in those dreams that keeps echoing "I GAVE YOU POWER." He also gave you common sense, so WATCH DEM NIGGAS cause they will be quick to hit you with THE SET UP and TAKE IT IN BLOOD. Sometimes you gotta have that everybody is a SUSPECT kinda attitude.  If you don't watch your back then who will?  You gotta make moves to put yourself in position to take over the game because nobody else will do it for you. ...